Shaw as Nuggets new head coach

Brian Shaw

Even though I’m an official Laker-Hater (never denied it one bit), I like Brian Shaw and I didn’t understand why he was on the short list of assistant coaching candidates who were seen as head coaching material for a long time (I’m talking years), but it looks like Shaw is finally able to take a shot at an NBA job and get off of the Coaching Carousel.

Brian Shaw confirmed in a text message to USA TODAY Sports and to the Denver Post on Monday that he has been hired to become the Denver Nuggets head coach.

Shaw has worked with the Lakers under Phil Jackson from 2005 until 2011, then served under Frank Vogel in developing the up-and-coming Indiana Pacers (like player Paul George) for the last two seasons.

Denver Nuggets logo - alternateThe Nuggets’ job became open when longtime coach George Karl was fired on June 6 (after his team won a franchise-record 57 games) and just days after former GM Masai Ujiri left to take over basketball ops for the Toronto Raptors.


2 thoughts on “Shaw as Nuggets new head coach

  1. This is not the best hire. Denver has to many athletic players to be running a slower halfcourt offense in the triangle offense. I still have no idea why Coach Karl was let good. Clearly, Danilo Gallanari was lost for the season with an ACL injury. Danilo was their leading scorer, averaging 17 points a game. That is why they lost to Golden State. What is Josh Kroenke doing?

    • I totally agree with you. Karl was doing his thing in Denver. Like I said in a vid for GWS and Warroom Sports, I hope they are not trying to institute Sabermetrics and let go of Karl because he asked for an extension. Sabermetrics works when your team sucks and you crunch numbers to lower payroll and increase wins at the same time. If Karl took a team to the playoffs missing their best player and had 9 winning seasons, what is there to fix? I just don’t know what the Nuggets were thinking.

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