Where will Dwight Howard go?

DH12 jerseys - FA

He is the darling of the 2013 Free Agency (don’t laugh); there’s a lot of trading going around trying to free up money so teams can jump in and make their bids for players that are for hire, but there’s a limited number of teams who can get Dwight Howard

First we have the Lakers, who can pay him the most money (5yr/$117M) and have started their begging by throwing #Stay billboards around the Los Angeles area hoping the move will tug on Howard’s heartstrings.  Laker fans please do not hold your breath on this one; DH12 is not happy in LA and D’Antoni’s system does not utilize his skills.  I believe his best fit is the Houston Rockets; the Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors are trying to hire his services also.  The Hawks can actually be the dark horse in this race.  We will see.


Shoutout to Ryan Hurst of RHurst Designs for the picture.


One thought on “Where will Dwight Howard go?

  1. Will blog about this soon. He looks great in the Dallas uniform best, but that will be the biggest mistake. Dallas has lots of expiring contracts and they are trying to build around a 37 year old Dirk Nowitzki. At least there is no Chris Paul to influence anyone’s decision.

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