Talking about bustin’ a move….a wrestler went hip hop on us.

Some people in the sports world might think its rude for an opponent to break out a celebratory dance after winning a match; some want you to “act like you’ve been there before“.  At most times I can say I have been that critic, but after watching this, I have to say I enjoyed it and really had to smile after seeing this.

Azerbaijani wrestler Rasul Chunayev defeated Russian wrestler Islambek Albiev at the 27th Summer Universiade earlier this week  in the finals of the 66 kg weight class to take the gold medal

The victory was quick and was huge for the young Azerbaijani, who jumped up to his feet and gave us the best victory dance we have seen in a long time…maybe EVER.

This was a combination of a River Dance with little hip hop swag to it, but after he shakes hands with the official…he bust out the Crip-Walk!  I know many of you guys don’t know anything about that, just google it and see this is exactly what he is doing.  I’m all about good sportsmanship, but sometimes you just have to appreciate an athlete just showing raw emotions.


*Shoutout to AzWrestling1993 for the vid!




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