MLB just can’t get anything right, not even uniforms.

When it comes to professional sports, who can you say messes up stuff more than Major League Baseball.  The NFL had their “replacement refs” and minus the end of the Packers-Seahawks game where they had blown the “Phantom End Zone Catch” by Golden Tate and a few errors here and there, they didn’t do that bad of a job.  MLB had there “officials” and they blew home run calls (Athletics-Indians game) where everybody at home and at the stadium knew it was a home run by A’s shortstop Adam Rosales BUT the officials; then you have the “illegal pitching substitute” move the Houston Astros made when they played the Los Angeles Angels and Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia had to teach the all four umpires Baseball 101 (specifically Rule 3.05b).  We even had a wonderful All-Star game where we sent future Hall of Famer and New York Yankees’ closer Mariano Rivera off with style in his last Mid-season Classic game, and afterwords people are waiting to see which players will be suspended after being connected to the Biogenesis report. It seems like every time Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League BAseball try t do something right, another situation comes up and shadows all the good stuff.

Here’s another situation…

Miami Marlins throwback

Milwaukee Brewers throwback

Saturday at Miller Park in Milwaukee, the home team Milwaukee Brewers hosted the Miami Marlins and paid tribute to the Negro Leagues. As a part of the tribute, both teams wore throwback uniforms with the Brewers honoring the 1923 Milwaukee Bears and the Marlins acknowledging the original Miami Marlins from 1956-60. Their uniforms included a special No. 29 patch to honor Hall of Famer Satchel Paige.Satchel Paige in Marlins uniform





Everything was going well until someone who made the jerseys fell asleep and/or rushed to get the uniforms up and ready forgot to do a “spell check”.  As you can see, the throwback uniform worn by Brewers manager Ron Roenicke has a pretty noticeable spelling error in the only word written across the front.

Roenick Throwback Jersey snafu

Unless there’s a Native American tribe in the Wisconsin area that we didn’t know about, there’s no way the MLB can cover up this error.  Like I said, every time Major League Baseball tries to do something right, expect the wrong somewhere…somehow.  All I can say is keep trying.


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