Looks like “Johnny Football” wrote his way in trouble and off the football field

Johnny Manziel Signature

I really didn’t have a problem with last season’s Heisman trophy winner and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny  Manziel off the field activities that seem to capture everybody’s attention (I take that back, I did have a problem with his crying that all this fame and attention was getting him in trouble, no…YOU was getting yourself in trouble and was having a bad light shine on you), but you know how the saying goes, if you keep looking for trouble….you just might find it, well it looks like Johnny Football’s public exposure and fame has caught up with him.  It looks like he signed one too many autographs and was looking for payment, which is a violation of NCAA and can potentially suspend him for part or all of the coming season.

It has been reported that Manziel allegedly accepted $7,500 as payment for signing approximately 300 mini- and full-sized football helmets, according to an autograph broker based out of the East Coast.  The broker spoke to ESPN and reportedly played two cell phone videos to the network, showing the Heisman Trophy winner signing the helmets in his New Haven, Conn., hotel room while attending the Walter Camp Football Foundation event in January in which he had three separate signing sessions that lasted an hour.

It was reported that the broker originally requested money for the videos, which ESPN refused to pay. On the videos, that lasts nine minutes in length and were recorded without Manziel’s knowledge, the quarterback can be heard saying “you never did a signing with me” and threatening not to do business with the broker in the future if he were to tell anyone about their arrangement.  Also caught on the video is audio of another broker asking Manziel if he would accept additional cash for signing more items, an offer the quarterback declined.  Johnny Football supposedly told the broker that he needed the $7,500 to buy rims for his Mercedes-Benz C-Class (You got a Benz, you mean to tell me your “well-off” father can’t give you additional funds so you can put shoes on your $40,00+ car that he bought you because you stopped drinking your junior/senior years in high school?  Man please!)

Johnny Manziel - Texas AMThe NCAA are investigating the encounter and the autographed memorabilia currently on the market. The East Coast broker at the center of Tuesday’s report said he did not intend to cooperate with the NCAA’s investigation and it will be even harder to prove the violation since the video doesn’t show money being exchanged between the broker and Manziel; the investigators might have to rely on financial records or receipts to prove Manziel accepted payment for his autograph — a potentially difficult proposition if those transactions were made in cash.

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One thought on “Looks like “Johnny Football” wrote his way in trouble and off the football field

  1. I agree. I think Manziel needs to own up to his actions. The NCAA should punish him though. Just because he won the Heisman as an SEC player doesn’t mean anything.

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