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I know Jerry Jones cannot be too thrilled knowing that the title his Dallas Cowboys held since 2009 for having the biggest Jumbotron in the NFL has fallen to the wayside in order for the state rival Houston Texans to move in and take the crown.  Last Sunday the Texans unveiled the video monstrosity that is housed in Reliant Stadium.

Produced by Mitsubishi,the gigantic screen is a made up of a series of connected boards, each measuring 52 feet high by 277 feet wide, for a total 14,549 feet of display that’s packed with 5.28 million pixels. It is 25 percent larger than the Cowboys Stadium behemoth, which is 72 feet high by 160 feet wide, or 11,520 square feet in all. The Cowboys still have a 16 by 9 ratio advantage and their board can be used for either replays or a live feed.

The new displays will have nearly six times the display area as the old ones used from 2002-12 ( 2,592 square feet).  The resolution will be 1,000 x 5,280 pixels in HD 1080i format with 4.4 trillion colors and 960 Hz refresh rate for jitter free HD images.

The Texans organization made sure that the big screen would sit out-of-the-way and would not be in the direct line of vision for most of the fans in Reliant Stadium.  There’s a second and third screens that will flank the main HD part of the screen in the middle of the 277-foot wide displays. That’s where the operators will rotate stats, out-of-town scores, fantasy football updates, basically anything a viewer would want on their computer screen at home. Jumbotron at Reliant Stadium

The displays will also have the ability to go full-screen at times for fan prompts and graphics.

In addition to just improving the fan experience, the new displays should strengthen the organization’s and the city’s bid for Super Bowl LI in 2017.

Reliant Stadium screen is not quite the biggest board in pro sports, however. NASCAR owns that with Charlotte’s Speedway One.

Speedway One

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