Is #42 the most respectable number in sports?

I know everybody has their favorite number, ranging from their favorite player wearing it or the individual used to wear it when they played a particular sport; either way, EVERYBODY who follow sports have a favorite number or numbers.  I bet if I blurt out numbers, you can attach it to a player in any sport.

4….32….23….34….7….99….12….33….9….  see what I mean, everybody has different players in mind, but you can probably attach the number to a player with in 5 seconds.

I have to say after getting news on what’s happening at Arizona State, the number 42 has a deep significance in life and culture, as well as being one of the most well-respected numbers in the world of sports.

Jackie Robinson

I wrote a blog about the great Jackie Robinson was the first in my eyes to make the number 42 significant and respectable for what he went through trying to get into Major League Baseball dealing with racism.




Mo with the Golden Glove

Then later this year I blogged about the future Hall of Famer and the best closer in MLB history, the New York Yankees Mariano Rivera; remember the #42 will be officially retired in Major League Baseball after Rivera’s retirement (it is scheduled for the end of the 2013 season, but Yankees manager Joe Girardi is trying to coax him to come back one more year).



Now news came out today on what has been done with the #42 at Arizona State University.

The Sun Devils football team will open their 2013 season on Thursday night against the Sacramento State Hornets at Tempe, AZ.  The Arizona State’s equipment staff shared a photo of the Sun Devils’ tunnel in preparation for the game, giving fans a look at the last thing the team will see before taking the field.


At the end of the tunnel is a portrait of Pat Tillman, the former star linebacker and Army Ranger killed in Afghanistan in 2004. The powerful image shows Tillman in his Sun Devils No. 42 uniform from behind, as if he is leading the team onto the field.  I can’t think of a better way to pay respect to a former star player who was the most unselfish player I have known who literally  gave up fame and money to become a soldier and gave his life to serve his country.Pat Tillman



So back to the initial question that is the title of this post, is the number 42 the most respected number in sports?

I would love to hear your argument.


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