Is a “Slaughter” showing sportsmanship?

Slaughter Saturday

I believe “Slaughter Saturday” is the best way to describe what I saw today; if you can come up with a better name, please let me know.  This was a day of record-breaking points while the opponents they were playing barely had a sniff of the end zone.

Four teams scored at least 70 points and four more won by at least 45 points. Ohio State Buckeyes led the barrage of scoring with a 76-0 victory over Florida A&M Rattlers.  This whoopin’ was so bad that the OSU’s back up QB set a school record with six touchdown passes – yes, I said backup quarterback.  It was the most lopsided victory since 1935 when Ohio State beat Drake 85-7.

No. 7 Louisville Cardinals also surpassed the 70 mark with a 72-0 victory over Florida International Golden Panthers. It was the highest-scoring game for Louisville since beating Murray State 73-10 in 2007.  This was FIU’s biggest loss since losing 62-3 to Florida in 2009 and 59-0 to Penn State in 2007. And to think, two years ago FIU beat Louisville 24-17.

The Baylor Bears, who used to be a “doormat team”, wanted to see how it felt to be on the other end of the baseball bat by beating Louisiana- Monroe Warhawks 70-7.  According to STATS, the Bears are the first FBS team since LSU in 1930 to open a season with at least 60 points in three consecutive games.

The  Miami Hurricanes took it easy on the Savannah State Tigers in the second half, scoring 49 points in the first half and cruising in the 2nd half on their way to a 77-7 victory; they could have easily scored over 80 on the Tigers. The Hurricanes set a school record for points in a game, topping the 75 scored against Fordham in 1954.

Now is it just me, or do you guys see this as a big stain on the seal of sportsmanship in the NCAA?  How does a team feel good putting an utter beatdown on another team who are not in their class?

I know why the “bottomfeeders” end up playing the FBS powerhouses.  The small schools get a nice little payday to help their athletic department hit that financial “bottom line”, and in return they offer up their football team as a sacrifice to the BEASTS of college football.

It has been reported that FAMU received close to $1M for the OSU game; the payout accounts for 10% of the athletic budgets.  Savannah State received $375,000 for the Miami game, which accounts for nearly 9% of the school’s endowment; that sounds good and charitable, but let’s look at the big picture…. FAMU and Savannah St. makes about $5-10M a year off of their teams, OSU and UM together can clear $150-200M easily.

I guess it is not about sportsmanship anymore, it is all about showing that you can beat a team senseless every week and stay in the Top 25 so you can get a good bid to one of the major FBS bowls at the end of the year so the school can do what….make a lot of money.  That is all what college athletics are all about…making the mighty dollar and making a lot of it.

The reason why you blow a team out is so you won’t end up like the Michigan Wolverines this season.  Wolverines came back from 14-point second-half deficit to beat UConn, but after already docking Michigan down the Top 25 list for narrowest of escapes vs. Akron, voters may punish them even more when the rankings come out next week.

I know why teams pulverize the smaller schools, but I don’t like it, never did and that is why I cheer for the small schools to every now and then shock the world and beat the powerhouses.  We have to find a way to bring sportsmanship back into NCAA athletics.


2 thoughts on “Is a “Slaughter” showing sportsmanship?

    • I don’t really think it’s OSU, I believe FAMU is really trying to get the juggernauts to play them so they can reap the monetary rewards for the athletic programs. Like I said in the post….small schools are willing to sacrifice their football teams for the financial well-being for the schools.

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