Chicago Blackhawks unveils their 2013 championship rings

Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring - 2013

During a private ceremony at a downtown location in Chicago, the Blackhawks organization presented the players of the 2013 Stanley Cup Championship team their well-deserved rings which were designed and crafted by the master jewelers at Jostens.  The organization states that  the rings tells the story of the team’s spirit, drive and determination

The Specs

The unique ring is framed by the words “Stanley Cup” and “Champions” and features the iconic Blackhawks logo fashioned in round brilliant and marquise cut diamonds with custom-cut tapered rubies set on a background of 14kt. white gold.

The left-side design features seven baguette-cut rubies and two pear-shaped emeralds set in the shape of the Blackhawks’ secondary logo.  This emblem is set against the background of a “C” formed in yellow gold and yellow diamonds. Each ring is personalized with a championship team member’s name and respective number against an antique black background.

Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring - 20133

The right-side features five diamond-studded Stanley Cup trophies. Each one represents a championship title, and includes the years in which they were won, including 1934, 1938, 1961, 2010 and 2013.

Intricate arboring on the inside of each player’s ring adds to the distinctive design, featuring the team’s motto: “One Goal,” and the playoff series score. The total weight of the championship ring is 93.0 grams and includes 260 diamonds and gemstones totaling approximately 14.68 carats.


“Jostens is proud to have partnered with the Chicago Blackhawks to develop a ring that celebrates the team’s remarkable win and honors their championship history,” said Chris Poitras, director, Sports Marketing and Development, Jostens. “This unique collaboration with the Blackhawks and Jostens master jewelers produced a striking ring design that truly represents the team’s achievements, and features the team’s motto and symbols in a brilliant championship ring.”

Blackhawks Stanley Cup team - 2013

In addition, the Blackhawks and Jostens have collaborated to create collectables for the entire Chicago Blackhawks community, including shareholders, season ticket holders and fans. Each unique collection will celebrate the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions while paying tribute to the rich legacy of the team, coaches, players and Blackhawks fans. The collection offers every Chicago Blackhawks fan the chance to own a piece of Blackhawks history and, beginning September 29th, can be ordered online at

Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring - 20132


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