GWS’ 2013 NLCS/ALCS Picks




I know Brandon and I are a little late with our ALCS and NLCS predictions, but it is always better late than never and even though we know the St. Louis Cardinals led the Los Angeles Dodgers 2 games to nothing in the NLCS and the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox are all locked up at a game a piece in the ALCS, we can still give our predictions knowing that the tides can turn at any moment during the MLB Playoffs.


Here’s our picks…

BRANDON “It’s been proven over time that pitching has always beaten out good hitting and the same has held true throughout both series.”


GLASSI like the Dodgers’ feel good story of how the team started out so poorly at the beginning of the season and how fans were putting manager Don Mattingly on the hot seat, but they put it together when they called up Yasiel Puig to the Big Show and everything was turned around for the better.  Cardinals on the other hand, have been constant throughout the season and just seem to be picking up steam, let’s not forget they had a 42-8 stretch going into the playoffs and they have been battle-tested for the playoffs in the past couple of seasons.  The teams damn near mirrored each other with pitching and with deep lineups and pitching rotations, I just think the playoff experience of the Cardinals will outweigh the hope of the Dodgers.  Sorry LA.

I know the Detroit Tigers have a very nice pitching rotation with Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander combined with the best hitter in the majors right now in Miguel Cabrera, but there’s a chink in that armor called the Tigers bullpen and just like the Cardinals in the NL, I also think the Red Sox are more experienced in the postseason and they are also picking up speed to go all the way to the World Series.  I think that window of opportunity for Detroit is slowly closing and they probably don’t even know it.


ALCS Picks NLCS Picks




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