GWS’ Pick’em or Shut UP! Week 10 Rankings

GWS - Pick'em or Shut Up! - Weekly Rankings

We usually make a vid to show the weekly rankings in our weekly NFL picks competition; this the place where the “best prognosticators” and the “every day fan” goes to show their skills on picking the weekly games and can claim bragging rights as the last man standing on who is the best that season.  Last year was the inaugural season and Dave from Wake Up It’s Football was the drowning champion, we will see if he still have the skills to go back-to-back like he claims he will do.

Instead of making vids that will take some time to edit, we just decided to place them here on our blog page so everyone can see who has the skills and who doesn’t.  Here’s the first installment of this category.

Pick 'Em or Shut Up - U Aint Shit - Week 11Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Bottom Feeders - Week 11Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Top 10 - Week 11


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