GWS’ Pick’em or Shut UP! Week 11 Rankings

Looks like we have a lot of “shifting in the ranks” after Week 11.  We have Mindless moving up two spots and coming out of the BOTTOMFEEDERS list and has been replaced by raveatron (TeamBoydTV); speaking of the TBTV clan, I see you Vernie B making your move to the #5 spot and taking hold of the “First Lady” award easily from Philadehlia (who’s in LAST PLACE right now).  We are going to have to find you some competition next season…we can’t have you monopolizing this award.

Enough talking, here’s your Week 11 rankings.


GWS - Pick'em or Shut Up! - Weekly Rankings


Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Bottom Feeders - Week 11


Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Top 10 - Week 11



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