GWS’ Pick ‘Em or Shut Up! Week 13 Rankings

The UNBELIEVABLE has happened…the Co-Commissioners of the GWS PeoSU! league missed a freaking week!  We were so preoccupied with making our Week 13 NFL picks and was thinking that the game started at 12:30 instead of 11:30, we just “stuck on stupid” and missed putting in our picks on time.  DAMN!  So to The Odyssey and arsenal, the two who moved up into the Top 10 rankings…you’re welcome.

I also have to mention that even with Glass and Brandon (Team HGH) missing a week, we are NOT in the Bottomfeeders rankings and still have 12 players up under us, so what does that say about them.  Hahahahaaaaa!

Here are your rankings….


GWS Weekly NFL Picks - Wk 13


Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Bottom Feeders - Week 11


Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Top 10 - Week 11


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