GWS’ Pick ’em or Shut Up! Week 14 Rankings



GWS - Pick'em or Shut Up! - Weekly Rankings



There has been some shifting in the rankings.  First, as commissioner….I had to do something I really don’t like to do.  Earlier in the season I had to banish two players from the league because they stopped making weekly picks and GWS doesn’t condone a quitter in this league; well, I had to banish another player from the league because she stopped making picks.  I have much respect for Philadehlia because she definitely knows her football and I have to admit that I was going to make this move two weeks ago, but a fellow player and friend Bigg Q talked me out of it because he said that she is really busy.  I honored Bigg Q for taking up for her but when she missed another week I just couldn’t give her another break.  So she out of the league this season and I hope that she comes back and give Vernie B. a run for her money for the First Lady of the League.

With taht move being made, we have a little shake up in the Bottom Feeders list and it looks like Kenshiro is the new resident down there.  Since arsenal was caught being absent-minded and forgot to make his Week 14 picks, he was bumped out of the Top 10 list and DAT 504 BOY….WHODAT TRUDAT moved right in at the #10 position.

Here the Week 14 Rankings.





Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Bottom Feeders - Week 14


Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Top 10 - Week 14


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