2013 NFL Playoff picture as of Monday Night

Week15 - Bear Trap

Week 15 of the 2013 NFL season was crazy; if there was any week that defines the meaning of “Trap Games“, this was the week.  There were at least 5 games that I can see were trap games beginning Thursday night when the Denver Broncos took a loss (at home) to the  San Diego Chargers and it just snowballed into Sunday night football with the Pittsburgh Steelers who are playing for pride putting it on the Cincinnati Bengals who need every game now to secure a solid playoff spot and let’s not even talk about the debacle at AT&T Stadium where the mediocre Cowboys had a 23 point lead at the start of the second half and just gave the Green Bay Packers (without their starting QB Aaron Rodgers) the game by letting them come back to win the game 37-36; and as always, Tony Romo had his usual meltdown in the fourth quarter.

Did I say I wasn’t going to talk about it?

As the dust settles, this is how the playoff picture looks with the results of the Monday night game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Detroit Lions (our Game of the Week).


2013 AFC Picture - Wk15

2013 NFC Picture - Wk15


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