Pick ’em or Shut Up! Week 15 Rankings

GWS - Pick'em or Shut Up! - Weekly Rankings


This looked like this was a hard week for all players in the GWS Pick ’em or Shut Up! league. There were traps snapping everywhere starting from Thursday night when the Denver Broncos lost to the San Diego Chargers at home and it just seem to snowball through Sunday night.  I have to give congrats to lc2 for coming up big with 11 wins, and that is why he moved up 1 spot to the #2 position.  There was a lot of movement in the Top 10 list; I see Wake Up It’s Football was knocked out of the list and JamesCaterTV moved in.  Let’s see who can stay and who has to go.  Not much has happened with the Bottom Feeders, just Kenshiro laying claim as the worst player in the league by taking that dubious title from Hate for Everyone.

Here’s the standings…


Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Bottom Feeders - Week 15


Pick 'Em or Shut Up - Top 10 - Week 15


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