Richard Sherman Jersey Breaks’s Top 10

Seahawks top 10 jersey sales


Much has been said and written since Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman launched his epic rant on live TV after the NFC championship game on Sunday. Most of it has been negative, and a few have said that Sherman’s word were enough to make people pull for the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

I personally don’t have any problem with Sherman and just thought he was just caught up in the moment (people should just give him a pass) and evidently other people feel the same way; Sherman turns out to be one popular fellow. reports his jersey is now a top-10 seller.  Fellow Seahawks players QB Russell Wilson and RB Marshawn Lynch also made the top 10 list.

1 – Peyton Manning – Broncos

2 – Russell Wilson – Seahawks

3 – Colin Kaepernick – 49ers

4 – Tom Brady – Patriots

5 – Drew Brees – Saints

6 – Marshawn Lynch – Seahawks

7 – Adrian Peterson – Vikings

8 – Aaron Rodgers – Packers

9 – Ryan Tannehill – Dolphins

10 – Richard Sherman – Seahawks


ESPN notes:

Sherman jumped three spots in January alone, passing the likes of Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III, who sold more jerseys last year than any NFL player ever had sold in a single season.

No Seahawks player ever has finished the season in the top 10 since the league began collecting data for its best-selling jerseys in 2001. also notes that Lynch, Sherman and 12th Man jerseys are among the top 10 hot items.


One thought on “Richard Sherman Jersey Breaks’s Top 10

  1. I think what the pundits may have missed is that people who didn’t root for Seattle were probably not going to root for them anyway. I mean, the Broncos are one of the NFL’s most popular teams, and Peyton Manning one of its most popular players. The nation didn’t even root for Seattle in Super Bowl XL, and that’s when the Seahawks were playing the far more despised Pittsburgh Steelers!

    That said, Sherman is a pretty popular fellow around this town, and I don’t think anyone who was already a Seahawks fan would’ve been swayed by that interview. Heck, Seattle is generally a team of unknowns. That one interview might’ve just pushed Sherman into sports superstardom.

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