Wichita St. Tekele Cotton might have the DOY


I hate to put my sis and daughter’s alma mater on blast but this dunk was heard around the world and everybody is talking about it, so I guess I will join in.

Tekele Cotton is a 6-2 guard for the Wichita State Shockers and John Jones is a 6-9 forward for the Illinois State Redbirds, but numbers don’t matter here when the smaller guard went up to the penthouse floor and threw down a monstrous dunk on the taller opponent Wednesday night at Redbird Arena.   The dunk accounted for two of Cotton’s 12 points in a 70-55 victory and made Gregg Marshall’s squad 20-0.

Wichita State is No. 4 in the country and is one of three remaining undefeated teams in the country. The Shockers have the best shot of finishing without a loss in the regular season playing in the Missouri Valley Conference.

Cotton is known for his defensive skills, but now you have to put “poster-making” in his repertoire.




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