The eerie King Baby Cake is back

New Orleans Pelicans - alternate

We thought the New Orleans Pelicans learned from the bad reviews the official team mascot (Pierre the Pelican) received pertaining to his menacing looks; the bird apparently was deemed so frightening that he underwent a face-lift earlier this month.  Old Pelican and New Pelican

The organization is back at it again with an even creepier mascot and it goes by the name King Baby Cake.

King Baby Cake

The big horrifying baby made an appearance at the Smoothie King Center Monday night against the Los Angeles Clippers in what is fast becoming an annual tradition in the run-up to Mardi Gras, which kicks off next Tuesday.  So with the popular week-long celebration coming up, the Pelicans brought back their three seasonal mascots traditionally used by the Hornets to celebrate the beginning of the New Orleans’ festivities — the King, the Jester and the King Cake Baby

The large baby mascot with a big head, king’s crown, bulging blue eyes, and two buck teeth, is tied to a New Orleans tradition stemming from a Mardi Gras dessert known as King Cake – a multicolored ring cake that includes a baby statue, meant to symbolize Jesus. Whoever is lucky enough to get the piece of cake with the baby has good luck bestowed on them for the year to come.

Who in their right mind think they can receive good luck from a monstrosity that looks like it wants to eat you?  If the Pelicans attendance tends to drop at this time of the year for seasons to come, you can blame it on King Baby Cake; parents don’t want to bring their children to a game and end up awake all night because the kids are having nightmares.King Cake Baby


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