Sneak peak of the NBA’s Noche Latina jerseys

The NBA made plans of celebrating Noche Latina in the month of March with seven games over a six-day span beginning with the March 2 game between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks.  Here’s a peak of the jerseys.


James Latina jersey - Heat Noah Latina Jersey - Bulls Duncan Latina Jersey - Spurs Bryant Latina Jersey - Lakers Anthony Latina Jersey - Knicks





I have no idea the meaning of the back design, but it’s very unique; if you haven’t noticed by now, all of the special event Adidas jerseys are sleeved; there might be a reason for this, but I will explain that on a later blog post.

The jerseys retain their standard team colors, but the Suns do have a black alternate look that’s new. Phoenix has three games in the specialized jerseys.

Here’s the Nocha Latina schedule:

March 2 –   Los Bulls vs. Nueva York
March 6 –   El Heat vs. Los Spurs
March 6 –   Thunder vs. Los Suns
March 9 –   Thunder vs. Los Lakers
March 10 – Los Suns vs. Clippers
March 19 – Magic vs. Los Suns
March 23 – Cavaliers vs. Nueva York

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