Where Will The Top Quarterbacks Land?

After months of speculation, this is finally the week we learn who goes where in the 2014 NFL Draft. For most of the offseason, three quarterbacks have dominated the headlines. With all due respect to Derek Carr, most are interested to see where Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater will play next year. All have a chance to earn a starting spot and actually be successful in fantasy football in the right situation. So what are the final predictions for these signal callers?


Everyone seems to be sold on the fact that Johnny Manziel will be going to the Cleveland Browns with the 4th overall pick. It makes sense, because Cleveland is in need of a quarterback and they could very well have their pick of the lot. However, there have been reports that Cleveland might not be that crazy about the quarterback from Texas A&M. It is hard to decide what is true and what is false when people talk closer the draft, and that is why many people are sticking with that prediction. He would not have to start right away, as Brian Hoyer figures to be a decent option as well.


Obviously, everything can change if Cleveland decides to pass on Manziel. There seems to be a pretty big link between Blake Bortles and the Minnesota Vikings at the number 8 spot. He fits the mold as a prototypical quarterback, and he would have the opportunity to play with one of the best running backs ever in Adrian Peterson. Bortles might need a little bit of time to turn into a fantasy football star, but he could get that starting job for week 1. With Mat Cassel and Christian Ponder struggling, they need some new blood in there.


Many draft experts have Derek Carr moving up into the late 1st round, but Teddy Bridgewater has moved down to the early 2nd. In fact, if he lasts all the way through the 1st round, there is a very good chance that the Houston Texans will take him with that 1st pick in the 2nd round. That would be a pretty nice draft right there if they could get a former #1 prospect in the 2nd round and still draft who they want at the beginning.


There are always quite a few twists and turns during the NFL draft, so expect 2014 to not be any different. None of these quarterbacks are considered can’t miss prospects, but they have a chance to evolve into solid fantasy football options.


Great article written by NFL freelance writer Len Berman

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