Charlotte Hornets are making drastic changes for next season

Courtesy of Chuck Burton

Courtesy of Chuck Burton

On December 22 2013, I posted an article about the NBA authorization for the Charlotte Bobcats to change their name back to the Charlotte Hornets (  They unveiled a new and sleek logo and I mentioned that they are running with the old saying that  “If you look good, then you feel good” and that will transfer onto the court.  Well they must have read my post and ran with it because they did more than changed the logo, they changed the uniforms and the basketball court.

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled their new home (white), road (purple) and alternate (teal) uniforms on Thursday.  Even though they brought back the original “Hornets” name, they didn’t bring back the pinstripe design, instead they went with the clean, block lettering with the signature stripes on the left side of each uniform.  Of course the uniform designs were developed by Jordan Brand, a division of Nike that was developed around the Michael Jordan mystique (Jordan is the owner of the Hornets).  This was a 13-month project.

The alternate uniforms will have a chest plate that will read CHARLOTTE while the home and away versions will read HORNETS.  According to NBA rules,  the Hornets can wear those alternates 16 to 20 games a year. Team officials said those dates will be divided between home and road games.

The Charlotte Hornets also unveiled their new court design, featuring a honeycomb pattern with a teal border, purple lanes and a large Hornets logo at mid-court.  The court design was also developed by Jordan Brand.

“We thought that would give us our identity and be recognizable all over the country,” said Hornets president Fred Whitfield.

Owner Michael Jordan has said frequently he aspires for this team to create the same sort of home-court excitement the original Hornets had at the Charlotte Coliseum in the late 1980s.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure this arena has the same sort of feel, the same sort of energy, the old ‘Hive’ had,” Whitfield said. “I think our players will be energized when they see this court every night.  We wanted a classic design. As we did our research, we felt the cell system was a big part of the Hornets identity,” Whitfield said. “We thought this was a unique way to still keep our court clean-looking, but show what the Hornet is all about. We felt it would be easily recognizable on television and relate back to our mascot.”




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