WTF?: Washington was caught selling stale beer at the stadium


The Washington professional football team just can’t get it right.

It’s bad enough that the owner of the team, Daniel Snyder, is reluctant and so adamant to think about changing the name of the team that most of us deem insensitive to Native Americans (in my opinion).  It’s also bad that they have a quarterback situation, where the third year starter (Robert Griffin III) had one good rookie season and finds himself bothered by injuries since then and the hopes of his backup (Kirk Cousins) would come in and do something to right the ship, only to get exposed on Thursday Night Football while allowing the team to get curb-stomped by the visiting New York Giants 45-14.

Now the Snyder and the Washington  professional football organization shows how much they feel about their fans by giving them  stale outdated lager.

They have been caught red-handed selling less-than-fresh beer to their loyal fans at FedEx Field.  How do we know?  Because the World Cup took place back in the month of June, and the bottles that were in the stadium Thursday night (SEPTEMBER 25) were decorated on the Budweiser bottles.  The team have been told publicly by Budweiser that the beer is past its freshness date and that they should stop selling it.

One fan helped expose the infraction by tweeting a picture of an outdated bottle and expressing his feelings to the public.

According to a tracking system on Budweiser’s website, that bottle of hops and malted barley had passed its freshness date.  A manager of a Washington D.C. tavern enlightened us on aging beer.

“Some people think that bottled beer could be like a bottle of wine, where the longer its bottled and not used, the better it gets.  It’s really not the same with beer; it doesn’t necessarily goes bad, but it won’t have as fresh a taste.”

He says an outdated bottle of beer shows that someone is not keeping track of the inventory.  We know that ALL beers don’t have expiration dates on them and just because they are past their fresh date doesn’t mean you will get sick, but you have to ask yourself….am I getting what I paid for?

“It’s not necessarily going to hurt you, but if you’re paying full price for a beer, you probably want to get the freshest one you can get,” he said.

Other beer lovers agree.

“I think it’s kind of a ripoff,” said Casey Sixkiller. “If you are going to pay that much for an adult beverage at a sporting event, you should be getting the best beverage you can get.”

While Sixkiller and his friend, Josh Clause, enjoyed a couple of afternoon cold ones, reflecting on the high cost of beers at sporting events, got them a little riled up.

“Would you buy expired milk at the grocery store?” Clause said. “I wouldn’t, so if I’m going to buy a beer or whatever product, you want it to not be expired. They put a sell by date, expiration date on there for a reason.”

You can sell fans at a football stadium a hot dog that’s made of meat trimmings and fat, but don’t charge them $11 for stale ass beer, charge them $11 for a bottle of fresh beer dammit!

As you can see Daniel Snyder is not the one to lose money but to make more of it….at all cost.


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