MLB: 2014 NLCS and ALCS Predictions


MLB’s 10-team postseason field has dwindled down to four teams chasing for the Commissioner’s Trophy.  We have the Baltimore Orioles going against the Kansas City Royals in the ALCS and the San Francisco Giants battling the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS.  Glass and Brandon of Get Witted Sports will give you their take on who they think will make it to the World Series.


Who would have thought the last two teams left standing in the American League would be the Baltimore Orioles and the Kansas City Royals.  I mean…really?

Neither team has seen playoff success for over a decade.  The Orioles reached the postseason just once in the past 17 years and the last time the won a series was in 1997.  When was the last time you heard playoffs and Kansas City Royals?  I’ll tell you, 29 YEARS!  This season the Royals broke the longest playoff drought of the four major American sports.

Both teams have shown that they are worthy to be in the postseason.  The O’s beat the Detroit Tigers in three games and it took a couple of extra innings for the Royals to close out the Los Angeles Angels, but they did it.

Brandon:  I’m taking the Baltimore Orioles over the Kansas City Royals in the first series.  I don’t think KC has the pitching to contend with Baltimore’s bats.  Small ball will only get you so far in this game.

Brandon’s Pick – Orioles

Glass:  Royals definitely have the upper-hand when it comes to starting pitching with James Shields, Yordano Ventura and Jason Vargas; Orioles have the bullpen and bats to compensate for what they lack in a starter.  It should be an interesting and exciting series, but I have to go with Baltimore.

Glass’ Pick – Orioles in six


As it was unexpected to see the Royals and Orioles progress this far in the postseason, you can say the total opposite with the San Francisco Giants/St. Louis Cardinals match-up.

the two storied franchises have accounted for three of the last four World Series champions.  The Cardinals been in the NLCS since 2011 and the Giants are set to win three championship rings in five years.  It is easy to say the winner of this series will win the World Series, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Brandon:  This series is tougher because both teams are so much alike.  They have balance with their pitching and hitting; but because they’re known to quietly do what they do what they do so well (win), I’m taking the Cardinals in this one.

Brandon’s Pick – Cardinals

Glass:  This is a hard match-up to choose from.  Both teams are battle-tested in the playoffs in recent history, but I might have to give the edge to St.  Louis.  The Cardinals seem to be more productive in this postseason and they are riding on a little more momentum than the Giants.  

Last, if a die-hard Cubs fan like Brandon can keep it real and pick his favorite team’s arch rival to win this win this series, who am I to argue.

Glass’ Pick – Cardinals in six

 So there’s the picks for both conference series.  Let us know what you think and who pick to win the series.  We will see you in a couple of weeks as we pick our winners for the 2014 World Series.


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