The Dallas Cowboys are 5-1…do you believe in them?


(Courtesy of Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News)

This question is obviously not for the Dallas Cowboys fan, they are going to say that this years’ Cowboys are on the move to go straight to the Super Bowl if you give them a chance.  This question is for the football enthusiast that can step back and look at the team for what it really is.  So I ask you, do you think the Cowboys are for real?

I don’t think so.

First, let me acknowledge that I didn’t think the Cowboys were going to start the season with a 5-1 record.  I was so used to them finishing with the mediocre 8-8 like they have been doing for the past three years (and who says it won’t be the same this season), but they look good… right now.  They appear to have a balanced offense, an opportunistic defense and arguably the best kicker in the game right now; why wouldn’t you think they would succeed?

Cupcake schedule.  Now let’s step back and look at their first six games.  They lost their first game to a formidable San Francisco 49ers; they followed the loss with a win over the Titans(2-4), Rams(1-4), Saints(2-3), Texans (they only beat by a FG) and topped it off with a significant win against the Seahawks at CentruyLink Field.  They should win the easy games, but we’re used to them bungling games in the past that now, when they actually do win those games, we think it’s a major turnaround and it might be a magical season.

Looking at the rest of the season, Dallas should continue with the win streak until they meet up with the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium on November 2;  then they might beat the New York Giants and the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the true test of what they are made of will come on Thanksgiving Day when the play their division rival Philadelphia Eagles at home, which will be followed by a trip to Chicago and Philadelphia and a battle at home with the Indianapolis Colts, who are a good road team.  After everything is said and done, they might finish the season with a 10-6 record, which isn’t bad for the Cowboys.

Finally found the run game.  Most people think that ‘Boys QB Tony Romo has done something different this season and that is not the case, it just so happens that the Cowboys are now utilizing what they had all along in the form of running back DeMarco Murray.  He’s the best RB in the league right now.  He leads the league in rushing with 785 yards, which is 263 yards more than second place Le’Veon Bell.  Murray also leads the league in rushing attempts (26.5 per game), rushing touchdowns (6) and is fifth in yards per rush (4.94).  The 26-year old Murray and the legendary Jim Brown are the only players in NFL history to rush for 100 yards or more in their first six games.  Murray is doing great now, but with him averaging more than 25 carries per game, will his body be able to withstand the rest of the season?

DeMarco Murray

(Courtesy of Jose Yau/AP Photo)


History tells us that when a running back starts off a season well while carrying the ball so many times (O.J. Simpson, Eddie George, Earl Campbell, Curtis Martin Edgerrin James to name a few), the player’s carries per game, yards per game and yards per carry took a drastic dip for the rest of the season.  I can tell you now that if Murray doesn’t slow down and/or gets hurt during this season, that 10-6 record I stated earlier might meander its way back to that mediocre 8-8.

All in all, I am impressed with the 5-1 start, but there’s 16 games in the season and I don’t think the Cowboys are suited to do better than 10-6 and that might not be enough to beat the Philadelphia Eagles and take over the NFC East.  Let’s look at the bright side, it is a lot better than running around in that 8-8 valley.  You have to start somewhere to get better.



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