Minnesota Faces Tough Road Ahead Without Rubio

Courtesy of Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy of Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports


When the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to trade away Kevin Love

during the summer, people knew that they were in the middle of a

pretty big rebuilding period. This is a franchise that now has a lot of

young talent, but it was not supposed to be a very successful season in


Things just got a little bit trickier now that Ricky Rubio will

be forced to miss up to 2 months after severely sprained his ankle.

Even though Rubio it is still pretty young in his own right, he has been

around the NBA for a while now. He was actually looked upon as a guy

who could help guys such as Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and

Zach Levine reached their full potential. He is an excellent passer, and

he seems to do a very good job putting players in the right situations in

order to have success.


Rubio has had some injury issues in the past, but fortunately this just

seems to be something that will just take a little bit of time to heal. A

high ankle sprain usually lasts a little while longer, so Minnesota is

going to try to be careful with their star. They know that he is not going

to make or break their playoff push this year more than likely, so they

just want him to be healthy for the 2nd half as they get ready for a better

season next year.


When Rubio went down with the injury, he was in the top 5 in assists

during the early part of the regular season. He was able to sign a new

deal to stay with the team for the next few seasons, so Minnesota is

counting on him to return as good as ever. Not only will he be judged on

his individual performances, but he will also be judged on how he makes

the players around him better.


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