GWS’ Week 15 NFL Picks

GWS NFL Weekly Picks

We ended Week 14 with our hometown Chicago Bears getting scooped up and dumped into the NFL Playoff Dump Truck.  It was a very disappointing season for the Bears and we will just have to wait and see which member in management will be on the chopping block because of this dismal season.

NFL Garbage Truck 1

Enough sulking over the Bears; there’s a lot of games to play and teams are jockeying for position to get in the playoffs or move up from the Wild Card to a bye week.  Who do you think will be the next team we will scoop up and place in back with the rest of the garbage after Week 15?  Glass already proclaimed that there will definitely be two teams (Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins) with another team (St. Louis Rams) that might have a slim chance to fight another week.

Glass is widening the gap between he and Brandon in the results with a nine game lead, so Glass will take a couple of chances this week to see what happens and give Brandon a glimmer of hope.  There’s five games that they have a difference of opinions on, let’s see who you would agree with and if it makes a difference in the overall results.

Check out our video on the picks at our YouTube channel (GETWITTEDSPORTS2).  Here’s our picks.


Week 14 Results

Glass > 12-4          Brandon > 9-7

Overall Results

Glass > 130-62          Brandon > 121-71

*Thursday Night Game*

*CARDINALS (10-3) @ RAMS (6-7)

Glass – Rams          Brandon – Cardinals

STEELERS (8-5) @ FALCONS (5-8)

Glass – Steelers          Brandon – Steelers

JAGUARS (2-11) @ RAVENS (8-5)

Glass – Ravens          Brandon – Ravens

*PACKERS (10-3) @ BILLS (7-6)

Glass – Packers          Brandon – Bills

BUCCANEERS (2-11) @ PANTHERS (4-8-1)

Glass – Buccaneers          Brandon – Buccaneers

BENGALS (8-4-1) @ BROWNS (7-6)

Glass – Bengals          Brandon – Bengals

*TEXANS (7-6) @ COLTS (9-4)

Glass – Colts          Brandon – Texans

RAIDERS (2-11) @ CHIEFS (7-6)

Glass – Chiefs          Brandon – Chiefs

DOLPHINS (7-6) @ PATRIOTS (10-3)

Glass – Patriots          Brandon – Patriots

WASHINGTON (3-10) @ GIANTS (4-9)

Glass – Giants          Brandon – Giants

*BRONCOS (10-3) @ CHARGERS (8-5)

Glass – Broncos          Brandon – Chargers

JETS (2-11) @ TITANS (2-11)

Glass – Jets          Brandon – Jets

VIKINGS (6-7) @ LIONS (9-4)

Glass – Lions          Brandon – Lions

49ERS (7-6) @ SEAHAWKS (9-4)

Glass – Seahawks          Brandon – Seahawks

*COWBOYS (9-4) @ EAGLES (9-4)

Glass – Cowboys          Brandon – Eagles

*Monday Night Game*

SAINTS (5-8) @ BEARS (5-8)

Glass – Saints          Brandon – Saints

GWS Games of the Week


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