NFL season is here! So is the Pick’em or Shut Up! League

GWS - Pick'em or Shut Up! - Modern Warfare


The NFL Season is just around the corner, which means for everybody to get in on the 2015 GWS’ Pick’em or Shut Up! league at Yahoo! Sports.  This is our fourth year in and it gets bigger and better each season.

You just pick the winner for each game that week and see how well you do with other players in the league.  To get in the league, you have to hit me up on the GET WITTED SPORTS Facebook page, on Twitter (@GETWITTEDSPORTS), Google+ (GET WITTED SPORTS) or email (

There’s really NO RULES with the trash-talking, just don’t be too disrespectful.  If I noticed that some players give up and stop making picks, they will be eliminated from the league.  NEVER GIVE UP because amongst the CHAMPION and FIRST LADY banners, there’s also a COMBACK OF THE YEAR award.

Even if you forget to make the Thursday Night game pick, you have until the first game on Sunday to make your picks in order for your week to count.

Every Tuesday/Wednesday we give a shout out to the Top 10 players on the YouTube (GETWITTEDSPORTS2) channel.

Make your picks, enjoy the trash-talking and the camaraderie and let’s have fun.


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