YouTube Prognosticators Directory

NFL Prognosticators Directory

Shout outs to all the prognosticators who’s perfecting the craft of picking NFL games!

Here is a list of some of the other people who make game predictions that I like to watch. Check them out and make sure you tell them GET WITTED SPORTS sent me!


TeamBoydTV Turbo :::

Tha Football Guru :::

Just My Picks :::
Gio di Franco :::
Billy B :::…
Gavinoc4 :::
The Masked Tweeter :::
Electric Football Show :::…
Yes What I Say Goes :::
TJHarmon :::
James Carter :::
HalfmoonsPicks :::
Poetic Kid :::
Fortynine Sense :::
NFL Predictor 316 :::…
The Wise Guys TV :::…
Sean P :::…
Free Manny :::…
Fire Sports :::…

Check them out and enjoy!


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