GWS’ 2015 NFL Week 14 Picks

NFL Weekly Picks


If there was any season where the statement “Any Given Sunday” comes to fruition, it is definitely this season.  Whether it was the dynamic plays at clutch times or the constant blundering errors of the NFL officials on the field, I have proclaimed on Twitter that “NFL Games are the best reality show on television“.  You cannot write this stuff up.

You had many teams that started with an undefeated season going into Week 6.  Some have “fallen and can’t get up” (Atlanta Falcons), and others have kept their stride and we don’t understand how because of the talent (or lack of) that is on the team.  Yes, I’m talking about Killa Cam and the Carolina Panthers; they don’t have a deep threat at wide receiver but they do have a potential league MVP at quarterback that minimizes turnovers and a stout defense.  You cannot go wrong with that combination.

Most of us as NFL Prognosticators, we are having a hard time picking these games correct because of the parody that is the 2015 NFL regular season.  You have not one, but TWO divisions where the winner might have a sub-.500 record (NFC East and AFC South), you have teams that have drastically underachieved this season (Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions and San Diego Chargers) and who would have thought that the “Project known as the Philadelphia Eagles“, who was 4-7 at Week 12, would go into Gillette Stadium and soundly defeat the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots who was 10-1 at that time.  Like I said, you cannot write this up.

Now we are into Week 13 and all 32 teams still have hope to make it to the playoffs, but I believe after this week, Get Witted Sports can pull out the infamous NFL Playoffs Dump Truck and start collecting garbage teams that are mathematically out of the running on Tuesday morning.

2015 NFL Dump Truck

Without further ado, here’s the picks for Week 14 of the 2015 NFL season.

Thursday Night Game

VIKINGS (8-4) at CARDINALS (10-2)

Glass – Cardinals          Brandon – Cardinals

Sunday Games

WASHINGTON (5-7) at BEARS (5-7)

Glass – Bears         Brandon – Bears

RAIDERS (5-7) at BRONCOS (10-2)

AFC West Divisional Game

Glass – Broncos          Brandon – Broncos

FALCONS (6-6) at PANTHERS (12-0)

NFC South Divisional Game

Glass – Panthers          Brandon – Panthers

STEELERS (7-5) at BENGALS (10-2)

AFC North Divisional Game

Glass – Steelers          Brandon – Steelers

*49ERS (4-8) at BROWNS (2-10)

Glass – 49ers          Brandon – Browns

*COLTS (6-6) at JAGUARS (4-8)

AFC South Divisional Game

Glass – Jaguars          Brandon – Colts

CHARGERS (3-9) at CHIEFS (7-5)

AFC West Divisional Game

Glass – Chiefs          Brandon – Chiefs

*TITANS (3-9) at JETS (7-5)

Glass – Jets          Brandon – Titans

BILLS (6-6) at EAGLES (5-7)

Glass – Bills          Brando – Bills

LIONS (4-8) at RAMS (4-8)

Glass – Lions          Brandon – Lions

*SAINTS (4-8) at BUCCANEERS (6-6)

NFC South Divisional Game

Glass – Buccaneers          Brandon – Saints

SEAHAWKS (7-5) at RAVENS (4-8)

Glass – Seahawks          Brandon – Seahawks

COWBOYS (4-8) at PACKERS (8-4)

Glass – Packers          Brandon – Packers

PATRIOTS (10-2) at TEXANS (6-6)

Glass – Patriots          Brandon – Patriots

Monday Night Game

GIANTS (5-7) at DOLPHINS (5-7)

Glass – Giants          Brandon – Giants

GWS Games of the Week


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