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Pick 'em or Shut Up! 2016




Which means it’s another season of the infamous PICK’EM OR SHUT UP! league at Yahoo Sports. To everybody who came back, thanks for making this a hit; for those who are new to the league, welcome and where the hell have you been.

Nothing has changed but the size of the league and once again, thank you for participating.

The last attempt to make your weekly picks will be SUNDAY @ 12PM CST; so if you missed Thursday night’s game, you’ll be fine.

If you missed more than 4 weeks of picking, you will be KICKED OUT OF THE LEAGUE AND MAY BE SUBJECTED TO VERBAL ABUSE ON SOCIAL MEDIA so stay sharp and awoke on the weekly deadline.

I will post the weekly results on Get Witted Sports Facebook page ( and will give you a shout out on GWS’ Weekly Picks podcast on

Since you’re here, that means you follow us and we want to reward you for that.  Everybody who follows GWS and our sports podcast partner-TeamBoydTv-here’s the info to join the league easy and effortlessly.

-Go to Yahoo Sports

-Click Fantasy

-Click Pro Football Pick ’em

-Click Join Group

-Group ID is 4052 and the Password is Pigskin Swag
Everybody have fun, talk trash and good luck fighting for second place.

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