James Harden Signature Shoe gets BLASTED

James Harden is releasing his own signature shoes in partnership with Adidas. Unfortunately for the Houston Rockets star,  pics of the new kicks were released and are getting bad responses.

Photos of the new Adidas Harden 1 in “Triple Black” shoes have made their way online via Sneaker Watch and they’re not pretty; matter of fact, they’re horrible.  The shoes don’t even look like shoes you wear on the court.  They look like shoes that a line cook of a restaurant or a construction worker would wear, not a shoe that a four-time All-Star would wear on the hardwood.

The all black shoes are bulky, feature curious design choices and feel somewhat unfinished. Take a look.

James Signature Shoe - UGLY

They look like the basketball kicks you’d get during the “blue-light special”at Wal-Mart for under $15, this cannot be the best design that Adidas came up with for one of their flagship players that they are paying $200M to represent them. The Golden State Warriors’ sharpshooter Stephen Curry (Under Armour) should send Harden a pair of Curry 2’s to thank him for taking the heat off his shoes and stepping into the limelight of worst NBA shoe collab.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Houston Rockets

I’m just hoping that this was just a prototype and the media caught them in the process of finalizing the signature shoe.  I know Harden has a “unique” flare when it comes to fashion, but couldn’t have okayed these “fake timbos”.  If he did, somebody needs to be real with him and let him know to take these “what are those” shoes back to the Adidas and let the sports apparel company they’re not done.

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