Atlanta brewery loses SB LI bet to Sam Adams and had to pay up with a special edition brew

Samuel Adams brewery in Boston made a Super Bowl 51 bet with Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewing Co. and the loser had to develop and distribute a limited edition beer honoring the champions.

With the Atlanta Falcons committing the ultimate collapse and “held an L” for the defeat against the New England Patriots, Sweetwater anted up and went above and beyond to their side of the deal.

The can that holds the brew is decorated with two football players in a boat with one of them casting a fishing rod with a falcon flying nearby.  The can also has an SB51 interstate sign that showcases it’s for Super Bowl LI, but the description of the beer is what makes this can priceless.


A soul crushing ale that will leave you eeling deflated.  No G.O.A.T. was harmed in the creation of this beer (but we gave it our best shot!) #RogerThat

Sweetwater still made out in a vindictive kind of way; Patriots fans will have a hard time purchasing these cans because the company only made 100 cans and they were ONLY available for purchase during brewing tours for souvenir beer.  Way to “read between the lines” SweetWater!


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