When ‘Bama football allegiance goes too far: Deshaun Watson told to leave Tuscaloosa bar.

Deshaun Watson

Every sports fan has their allegiance to some team – whether it’s high school, college, professional or semi-pro.  The word fan is short for fanatic and individuals can take that word to different levels.  Alabama is known for their college football and it is definitely “in your face” soon as you cross over the state line, let alone when you step on or around the campus.

Even though my mother-side of the family is from Tennessee and I’m a die-hard Vols fan, I know about this “Bama life” personally because my wife’s family is from Alabama (love makes you do strange things) and we go down there to visit every year to check on my in-laws.

There’s nothing wrong with have extreme love and loyalty for your favorite teams, but that love and fandom can be taken too far when you try to take away the liberties of other people showing their allegiance to their team or player or you violate the personal space of a certain player that you don’t care for because he/she plays for the rival.

Case in point is what happened Friday with National championship-winning quarterback and former Clemson standout, Deshaun Watson, as patrons (who were former Alabama players) told the future NFL QB told leave a Tuscaloosa bar.

It appears that Watson was with friends at the Innisfree Irish Pub when Ryan Anderson and Wallace Gilberry walked over to Watson’s table and had some words with him. 

Gilberry last played for Alabama in 2007 and is a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Anderson just finished his senior season and is considered a top draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft with Watson.

The bar released a statement on its Facebook page, apologizing for the incident and saying the person who told Watson to leave was removed.  I will give credit to Watson for being the better man by leaving the establishment and not letting the situation escalate to a bar fight.

*Video courtesy of AL.com


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